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NetBull Keylogger

WARNING! This keylogger is no longer available.
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Developer: NetBull
NetBull Keylogger


More than a simple keylogger – it can track usernames and passwords stored in browsers, records messenger conversations and visited websites history. The logs can be encrypted for FTP/Email transfer.


Only one language for interface, no screenshots and audio/video files record


An easy-to-use spy software with many configurable settings, broad OS support and great invisibility. Intuitive interface and perfectly implemented basic functions make it applicable for both commercial and private use. There are also features allowing to narrow monitoring and block unwanted apps and web sites.

All-in-all, NetBull is an effective tool for tracking PC user’s activity.


Users of any level will not encounter any troubles installing the product, though installation is not done in a traditional way, i.e. by running an installer file. Here, the user has to build a “module” with the help of “Build Module” button from the main program (“NetBull.exe"). That module should be double-clicked on every PC you need to monitor. The user has to make basic settings at this stage too.

Unistallation options are fully implemented in the product – by pressing either default or preset hotkey the user can launch its self-removal.

NetBull – General Options
NetBull – General Options


The testing has proven excellent performance of the product on PCs running different Window versions. Actually, it’s been designed with extensive OS support Windows 2OOO/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (both 32­bit and 64­bit versions).

So, we give maximum 102 points out of 102 for OS Support section!


Unfortunately, not all features have been implemented here. The software is hidden in Task Manager, program folder is invisible, uninstallation with configurable warning message is possible.

However, there are no password protection and access by hotkey and keyword.

The rest is quite adequate.

Total number for Security section is 75 out of 125!


The position of the product in monitoring is not quite strong. It can store neither screenshots, nor any video/audio files. File operations, including creation, deletion, copying, renaming, are not registered either. Zero points are also given for no mouse clicks and no system logon (password) record. Yes, weaknesses are numerous, but advantages are present too. Otherwise, it would not an effective and marketable keylogger.

The software features the most demanded functions, such as registration of typewriter and system keys pressed, clipboard and started applications, system logon/logoff.

When making settings on “Monitoring Options” the user can adjust the frequency of logs dispatch, as well as choose “clean log” and “smart keylogger” options to make the logs more readable.

Generally, effectively working basic monitoring features.

Total number of points here are 94 out of 340! Not too many but still good.


The requirements of online activities supervision are almost fully satisfied. In addition to tracking URLs history and chats (both participants) occurring in a few app (for example, Yahoo IM and Skype), the product can record usernames and passwords that have been saved in Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Outlook and some others.

The total score is not maximum here, since there is no ability to log emails and screenshots of visited Internet sites.

For this section, we give 147 points out of 176. Better than just acceptable though not perfect.


Here we tested parameters connected with reports/logs and their transfer. The logs delivery function is effective for nearly all email/FTP providers, though it’s worth noting here that paid-for accounts are more reliable. When making corresponding settings on “Log Delivery” panel, remember to check “enable” option after filling in all the required fields.

Among disadvantages of the product, we have to mention its inability to narrow monitoring to specified users and programs.

Our table shows 97 points out 150. A fair result.

NetBull – Logs Delivery
NetBull – Logs Delivery


Though not deemed essential, features listed in this section may be important for some users. For example, multilingual capability – the availability of NetBull in English only will reduce audience of potential users.

What’s positive here is the implemented function of blocking unwanted apps and sites.

Strong characteristics minus weak ones result in 49 points out of 108. There’s space for further improvements.


NetBull is a powerful and effective keylogger. We appreciate its broad functionality and complete stealthiness and recommend it as a reliable tool suitable for both employee and parental control.

Points Total: 564 out of 1001

WARNING! This keylogger is no longer available.
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IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.
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